PLAY by Stephen Johnson Design is an all new collection featuring, for the first time, an exclusive and unique material created by SJD.

Developed over a five-year period, this unique material was created to mimic the colourful doughs we played with as kids, but with incredible strength and rigidity. It came into being as a response to an overwhelming urge by Johnson to design in the moment. It’s about the creative freedom we had as kids, being spontaneous, putting objects and materials together without restriction.

So PLAY by Stephen Johnson Design is a collection that combines machined production with creative spontaneity. Each piece is both a multiple yet unique. A functional object with its own DNA of fingerprints, gestures and colour.


Colour: black/white

Outer material: Acrylic

Inner Material: Synthetic dough

Size: Small 60cm (23.62") D  /  Large 90cm (23.53") D

Each PLAY light is made to order. Specific sizes, colour combinations and electrical wiring available on request.

Contact for further details