Stephen Johnson Design’s signature Happy Happy bows are relaunched for 2017. Debuted in 2010, these mirror polished aluminum bows now feature a lighting unit. The bulb, combined with Happy’s high mirror polished casing disperses a dazzling kaleidoscope of light that fills its surroundings and commands attention.

Johnson first developed Happy to underline how design can fulfil our psychological, as well as our physical needs. The purpose of Happy is not to enable or assist any physical action like a spoon for eating or a hammer for hitting, it is to affect our mood. Or to put it another way, Happy is a product designed to make you happy… and it’s as simple as that!

Colour: metallic

Material: mirror polished aluminium

Size: 70cm (27.56") D approximately

Each HAPPY light is made to order. Specific electrical wiring available on request.

Contact for further details